Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To blog is to blah

Looks like I cannot justify the title of this blog.("Lagorr.."- just 3 writings in almost 4 months) ... don't know if that's good or bad....I'll take that to be good (as I always take it that way). Spring break is happening and I haven't yet made good use of it.... need to think about that a little more... and then some more...

I was so enthusiastic when i began writing this post but abhi kuch jyada mazaa nahin aa raha ...this is what is happening to me lately.... i have lost the measure of happiness....

I used to keep a good budget/account of happiness ...how much to spend ...how much left in the account...where to buy more from ... where to get the good deals from...etc. Now-a-days there is a lot of unaccounted happiness and then when the Happiness Bank sends me the happycard bill ... it usually comes with a surcharge ... and it looks like what I need is some organized spending and clearly state to everyone what the terms and conditions are... anyway. It was not always like this...there were days when I had unlimited happiness ... but woh din gaye ... i hope i get them again sometime in future.... i think they will come back after I get really old ...

Here is a small poem ....just like thought for the day ... original hai but angrezi mein hai:

Full of it

Sun rises for me, evening dusks for me
some even tell me you are one and only

listen to me I have seen it,

Don't tell me I know it,

told me the wise man,
once too often and you are full of it

Monday, November 27, 2006

Take on the Control Freak:

Had a wonderful (but incomplete L) trip on the thanksgiving weekend. Wish there were more such days! On the return leg, had more fun ...courtesy GK... thanks for driving all the way dude! ...had fun at your expense sorry about that......but then you asked for it J

In between all the noise and fun ....I was proved wrong once again. It all seemed very familiar and that’s probably what made me speak a little too soon. The ingredients were all there at the start ... the voice and the words ...the gestures and the emotions ... Why does he get so frustrated? and then I asked "Why do you get so frustrated?" ... without giving a lot of further thought I told myself ... he doesn’t like it when things don't go the way he wants ...he wants control....

What I failed to see was the self-control he was showing ... he is trying hard ...and for most part he is being successful. Although many might disagree, he was unusually calm for a person he is or should I say ...for a person he was ...Made me happy for him and sad that I jumped the gun right when I was required to show patience. Wish time brings calmness into his life...... that would only make me envy Naveen even more.

Thought for the day: Introspection. I thought I knew what it was ...but am realizing I am a bit scared to go there. Hope the day I really meant a good big "THANK YOU" to my dad is not far.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Never before did I feel like talking to self through this medium. Never before did I have an urge to speak out loud and then keep it on record. Guess its time to catch up on the generation gap and (shrug of my avuncular image :D... it will be hard but then lets try)....

Had a very nice argument/discussion with Rawoof and Akansha today. Although I was mostly on the loosing side of the argument, I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I learn a lot by being on the loosing side [at other times I just lose and get nothing out of it :)]. Haven't returned Siva's call ....been 2 weeks. Siva u reading .....I got u in my memory ...will call u someday... don't lose your sleep waiting for my phone call ...:P.

Thought for the day: I hate cold weather! (I would have gladly gone to hell...was told it has nice hot furnaces and stuff....but then my grandma told me that Hell's right here on Earth)...thats enough thinking for today.